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As you might have seen from the order page, we’ve broken down the Mass Planner application into the main application and extra modules. While most of the modules will be free for everybody, certain modules will have to be acquired separately, this was done in order to keep the price of the main app as low as possible.

The Extended Multi Account Module is one such module that needs to be purchased separately. This is a module that most of the regular marketers will not need as you already can use Mass Planner with up to two accounts. If you need to use our app with more accounts though this upgrade module will allow your access to up to 10 different accounts at the same time. Keep in mind that the more accounts you add to the application the more resources you’ll need in order to run it properly, so in case you have a weaker computer/vps don’t over-do it, test and see with how many accounts your app works best.

As will all the extra accounts this will be on a one time payment basis, so if you get this once it’s yours as long as you have an account with us.

So, if you need to use Mass Planner with more than 2 accounts this module if for you. After purchasing it just restart Mass Planner and your account limit will be automatically increased to 10.


  1. emilia pumarega says:

    By buying this module, social spending accounts 8 to 10. I do not understand is what the single payment of € 15 is Augmentan,
    Is one payment forever, or have to pay 15 € every month?
    a greeting

    1. Johnny says:

      one time payment forever, only the subscription is recurring.

  2. terrence says:

    Hi I would like to clarify, with regards to the issues with having multiple accounts and a weaker VPS. Is your warning that massplanner will be operating much slower, or it won’t be operating at all?

    1. Johnny says:

      Depends on how you set it up, it should operate slower until a certain point, if you go beyond that it might not work at all, if for example it need a lot more ram than it has.

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