The Complete Guide To Building A Successful YouTube Channel

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The Complete Guide To Building A Successful Youtube Channel
Do you want to make your YouTube channel a sure hit? Check out this complete guide to building a successful YouTube channel.

Having your own YouTube channel is one of the most effective ways to market your product or service online. This is the largest video sharing website to date. It allows users to upload, view, rate, share, comment on videos, and subscribe to channels. This social media channel has over a billion users, with over 4 billion views on the uploaded videos daily.

A YouTube channel could be customized to various content, depending on the channel owner. Contents with strategy overviews, tutorials, education on a topic, demonstrations, and reviews are among the most popular viewed and shared online. People have various approaches to presenting the topics depending on their preference and their target audience.

With this being said, what does it take to have a successful YouTube channel? You may have the most interesting topic to share with the world, but you have to know the basics to make your channel stand out and become an effective communication tool.

Read on to find out how to build your successful YouTube Channel.

Know Who You Are and What You Want to Achieve

who am i
Being firm with the identity of your brand/service you want to share on your YouTube channel will keep you grounded in a surge of information on the internet. You have to know what your mission in delivering your product/service is. Also, your vision for yourself and the greater public you serve, and your values in carrying through from development to evaluation of the product/and service. All of these are unique to you and your brand. Your niche may be classified to a certain category, but your channel is a reflection of who you are and what you want the people to know about you.

Fundamental knowledge for what you want to market in your YouTube channel is also important since it allows the people to learn about what makes your product/service for them. Whatever your intention in creating your channel, the people who will be viewing and engaging with your channel are there because they want to satisfy a certain interest they have. This leads to the next step in creating your successful YouTube channel.

Do Your Research

do your research
The popular quote “knowledge is power” is very applicable in creating your successful YouTube channel. Aside from product knowledge (which you have presumably done while you were establishing your identity), it is important to learn from popular channels in your niche. Typing in keywords in YouTube’s search bar gives you the most popular results worldwide. Asking the right questions to get the appropriate answers will make you not only a smarter YouTube user, but also a wiser one.

Popular YouTube channels got to where they are because of various reasons, but you can also look at their common ground: take notes on what makes them what they are now, why you are subscribing, and what points you would want to adopt and develop or innovate to customize your own channel. Conducting your research will help you in the long run not only to know your competition, but to also make you aware of where you stand in the preference of the YouTube users. When you have a fair idea of the field you will be on, you can move on to the next step.

Identify Your Audience

target audience
The next step is to know the people who you want to communicate your product or service with. They are the ones who will potentially be engaging in your channel, and will be consuming what you are offering. You have to understand that it is not just about what you want them to do, but you also have to consider their needs. As you go along with your product/service development, you can come up with innovations to help you, the seller, and them, the consumers.

Narrowing your YouTube channel target audience means you are more targeted and more defined as a brand because you know who you are and who you want to sell to. You know that trying to please everybody will not please anybody, therefore keeping your identity firm will make your customers loyal to your brand. Check other channels within your niche and see what type of content they engage mostly to. Once you have done this, you can now go ahead to making your next move.

Create the Best Video Quality You Can

Your resources may be limited, but that shouldn’t stop you from uploading the best video quality you can have for your YouTube channel. There are several components in making a video worth sharing. One of the most important aspects is its visual aesthetics.

Basically, your video should look good and should appear professional. Investing on your videos will get your YouTube channel a long way. Do your research on video cameras offering the best video quality. Consider product reviews as well as blogger reviews. There are companies who offer professional coverage, of course, which will cost you more if you want your video quality to be consistent in your channel. You may also opt to ask help from friends and family who are knowledgeable in video coverage.

High-quality videos on your YouTube channel makes your videos look professional. Again, you do not have to spend much. You just need to know what components are vital in making your videos look good. Ample lighting, sharp image taking, correct blocking, and angling are some of the key aspects. White backgrounds generally work best since the focus is directed more towards the speaker and the product.

Since it is a video, good audio quality should be a must in your YouTube channel videos. People who click on your videos are more inclined to clear sounds and delivery of the script you have prepared for the product. Your audience will be able to hear the sincerity of your desire for them to avail the product if they can hear you well.

Incorporating subtitles have become a trend in YouTube channel videos lately. People sometimes would prefer to read what you have to say to have an even clearer understanding of you and your product. This encourages more viewers in your channel, therefore better marketing for you.


Now you are ready to share your desired content on your YouTube channel. There are already thousands of similar content in YouTube, or your idea might be too novel for people to actually know in the first place. Whatever your situation is, you have to make sure that the content you have for your videos is taken based on your identity. Your uniqueness is what it matters the most.

Taking your niche from a new angle is key to building a successful YouTube channel. People are bombarded with so much information and data nowadays that they have the tendency to either get bored with too much of the same thing, or hop on one thing to another just to cope with the things they want to be constantly updated with. You have to make sure that your videos are interesting enough for people to watch until the end, and to be shared to other social media platforms as well. Sure linking and commenting on your videos is a form of engagement, but sharing your content across social media platforms is one the most effective success factors.

You will be accumulating subscribers in your YouTube channel through time. You have to make these people loyal to your channel, and it is your responsibility to keep them there. When creating your videos, an informative yet entertaining approach is seen as the best form nowadays. Take clues from the popular channels online, and adapt them to the best way you can deliver your content.

You also would want your content in your YouTube channel to hit your target audience straight to the point. Identifying the demographic will make you think of better ways to customize your delivery and content to the way it is more “at home” with them. Be particular with the language they commonly use, as well as gestures and popular references. You may also want to remember that your videos will be seen globally, and therefore, the worldwide perception can also help you strategize your videos and channel as a whole.

You also would want to maximize descriptions in your videos and YouTube channel. Have keywords posted for easier search referral to your videos. Add other links you have to your other social media accounts, or contact information for your market to reach you for future reference. People would want to know any special information about the production of the video itself, making them more informed viewers as well.

Be consistent in posting in your YouTube channel as well. Be on the top of the list in YouTube searches with only a little effort on your primary promotion, again by being consistent with your content and when you post it.

Promote your videos on as many social media platforms as possible. You can achieve this with little effort by using social media automation software like Mass Planner, that can help you post your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Goole Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. This will help you reach new audiences and get more traffic to your YouTube channel.

This guide to building a successful YouTube channel will help you not only as a YouTube user, but also as an online user in general. These fundamentals will help you understand your business and your target market better to come up with a win-win situation. Good luck and we hope to see your videos go viral very soon!


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