How to automatically accept group members with Mass Planner

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Many of our users have their own Groups on Facebook that they manage and also other groups allow members the possibility of accepting new members into the groups so we though why do this manually? Except for Hidden groups that are targeted on a specific thing everybody wants as many members in his/her group, so why shouldn’t they be approved automatically. So we give you the Automatically accept new member requests in your groups tool from Mass Planner. Select the groups you want Mass Planner to do that for, start it and let it work, It will go to those groups from time to time and accept any new member requests so your groups will look more active than ever! Here’s a look at the new Tool:

Auto Accept New Groum Membership Requests with Mass Planner


You will find this new tool in the Tools tab in case you’re wondering where it is.

As you can see it’s extremely easy to setup and use. All you need to do is choose the groups you want to do this for automatically. If you have many groups in your list just click the advanced selection and search for your exact groups. After that select how often you want to do this. If you have several groups selected it will randomly take one and accept all new member requests for that group, wait the random time then take another and accept the member requests and so on.

If you only have 1-2 groups you should increase that number, 2-4 hours should enough for checking( that is 120-240 minutes).

And there you have it, all your groups will have new members automatically approved and will appear more lively than ever. Just remember to start the tool after you set everything up. Leave it started and it will continue to accept new member requests.

You can also use this on groups you are not an admin of but where the settings allow for all members to accept new members, this way if you have several accounts you can accept them all at once in groups you are already a member of with one  account

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