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As many of our users mentioned, sometimes the Pinterest auto-repins  take not so targeted pins because of people that place them badly in wrong boards/categories . For this reason we thought to bring you something better that would improve the quality of your automatic re-pins. It’s quite easy to use, let me tell you the main idea. You will need to do a little research and find some good boards in your niche, 20-30 should be ideal for variety, though you can also try with 1-2 if you don’t want to go into it too much.

All you need to do after that is add those boards in the list of Re-pin Specific boards and Mass Planner will automatically take one of the pins from one of those boards and re-pin it on yours. The re-pins are board specific so you will need to do this separately for all your boards if you want to set the automatic re-pins.

You will find this new feature in the Auto RePin tab, you will notice that a second sub-tab appeared “Repin Specific Boards”. This is how it looks like:

Automatic Repin Specific Boards in Pinterest with Mass Planner

You will need to enter the boards you want to take pins from one by one. Make sure you enter correct board urls and that they are properly formatted and start with http:// or https:// . Below you will have a list with all the boards that you have entered, you can remove any of them at any time so don’t be shy when entering them, put as many as you can find in the list to ensure you will have a great and varied board and not just a copy of a few other boards.

The other settings are the same as in normal repinning by keywords but let’s go through them fast :

– You will need to select how many re-pins you want per day and the timers will be automatically generated for you. In case you want to manually set them to target specific hours then just click on the “click here to show/hide the timers” and they will show up and you can modify them to your hearts desire.

– If you do not set them but leave them random you also have the possibility of generating new timers each day so they will post at different hours so it does not leave a trace by posting every day at the same hours.

– If you want you can change the default source url, just enter the new url(s) in the field provided, if you only enter one it will choose that every time, if you enter several it will choose a random one and use that.

– Set in what % you want the re-pin to have the source url changed, you should definitely use this and not set it at 100% as some people might report you and that could be bad for your account.

– If you want you can also enable the signature and add a certain text with all the re-pins you do, this way even if you leave the source url you an still promote yourself or you website in the description of the pin.

So there you have it, as you see it’s quite an easy to use feature and it will improve greatly on the quality of your automatic re-pins, just make sure to select high quality boards. It’s a great feature and you can use it in more ways if you’re inventive. For example you can use just 2-3 boards to re-pin from for a week and those people will see you re-pinning often and might follow you as a thanks, after a week you can change the boards with a few others and do the same and get new and high quality followers for your Pinterest account.


  1. Sebin Thomas says:

    Hi, Thanks for the excellent tutorials. Anyway to Pin all post from my website?

    1. Johnny says:

      You could add your sites’ rss feed to a campaign and it will automatically pin all the new posts as well as what’s already in the feed.

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