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We have some reports of a few people having strange errors when using Mass Planner. After intense searching for the problem we finally found out that some of the antiviruses were the actual problem, they were blocking different actions that Mass Planner did so the outcome would be a lot of errors.

In the post we did about mass planner and your privacy, we talked clearly about how Mass Planner works and we also did a complete scan with virustotal  that uses 50 different antiviruses to check if there are any problems, you can see the clean result on that page.

This being said, apparently some antiviruses find some of the automation that Mass Planner does when posting the scheduled posts a little fishy so they block it. In order for you to prevent this you will need to put the folder where Mass Planner is installed in the exclude list of your antivirus and from that moment on you won’t have any other problems when posting.

As the subject of excluding a file has been very well treated by each antivirus company I will not be making another tutorial re-stating what they did, instead I will provide direct links to each antivirus on how to do that.

Here’s how to do that with a few of the most common antivirus software:

If you have an antivirus that it’s not on the above list and you can’t find on google how to exclude a folder from scans let me know and I’ll take a look and add it to the list.

If the antivirus deletes your files before you manage to put them in the exclude list, just create a folder somewhere easy to remember like d:/, name it something like MassPlanner, go to your antivirus and add that folder to the exclude list like explained above and after that install Mass Planner in that folder, it should let you install it correctly now.

Here are some scans with virustotal (an online tool that scans with 40 different antiviruses) of all our files just so you see you’re totally safe :

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