A Complete To-Do List for Every Social Media Marketer

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A Complete To-Do List For Every Social Media Marketer

In the hurly-burly of the social media world, a complete to-do list for every social media marketer is a must. It is essential to plot which ones to focus, when, and how to go about it. We’re presenting some tips to help with your most important social media tasks. Choose those which apply to you as you see fit in your manner of working, social media platform, and the industry you are currently engaged in.

A complete to-do list for every social media marketer is applicable whether you are still learning the ropes, or would want to be more organized with your work. We list suggested daily, weekly and monthly activities you can tackle on. After which are some general key points to help you for your social media marketing management

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#1 Daily To-Do List:

Daily tasks make up the bulk of your work, thus the first complete to-do list for every social marketer. Sign into your accounts with all the information needed, or even have those automatically saved in your device to save time logging in. Check notifications for new messages, comments, and replies to your interactions. Social media has become a convenient way for your customers to reach you, and being prompt in your response makes them feel valued and being well taken cared off.

As you go through your notifications, another important point in this complete to-do list for every social media marketer is responding to them, especially negative comments to help resolve issues and concerns as soon as possible. Use social media monitoring tools to observe and respond to comments or discussions mentioning your brand. Make interactions also with those who advocate for your brand to expand your marketing in social media.

Engagement is vital in your daily to-do list, which includes interacting directly with several of your current customers to strengthen your relationships. You should also invest in potential customers to build their trust in you and your brand. You should also look at the latest trends in your industry to stay up-to-date with those which you can apply or adapt to your brand. Post content on your social media accounts, but make sure these are interesting and relevant enough for them to take time on and share.

weekly social media checklist

Scheduling your posts using social media automation is something you can consider as part of the complete to-do list for every social media marketer. It will give you time to work on a blog post or on your website, where you may want your followers and fans to be directed for more details on your brand and product. Keeping track of your analytics can also help in the long run as you are aware of what clicks or flops when it comes to your marketing strategies.

#2 Weekly To-Do List:

There are things one should be doing on a weekly basis as part of your social media checklist. Expand and develop your networks to engaging and having a relationship with influential personalities in your industry. Seek for their advice, share experiences and stories, and have them personally part of your niche. You can also feature them in your upcoming posts, and they will have a proactive response depending on your relationship. Soon, you may be the person people in your industry will be looking up to.

Part of the weekly to-do list for every social media marketer is also engaging with other brands and influencers for your brand and product marketing. As with the experts in your industry, be on the look-out for those who you can collaborate with for future projects. You can also think out of the box and introduce your brand to another type of market through a partnership with an unlikely, but interesting brand. Networking is a strong asset of social media marketers, and being partners with other products strengthens the movement of the entire social media marketing world.

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Conducting evaluations and assessments regularly is another part of the complete to-do list for every social media marketer. When working with a team, be open to comments, suggestions, and even violent reactions to improve your brand overall. It also empowers them as they are seen as vital contributors in your brand, not just task-performers. You can also utilize employee empowerment as a way to market employee relationships in your company, and the brand culture as well.

Assessing your current fanbase and following is part of the weekly to-do list for every social media marketer. Social media itself is very dynamic, thus users are constantly exposed to new and exciting content. Take a better look at the composition of your fanbase and following to know if this demographic is in line with your goals as a brand. You can make the necessary adjustments in your marketing strategy to increase this, or expand to other demographics as well.

#3 Monthly To-Do List:

Monthly tasks in every social media marketer’s checklist are mainly about assessments. You have 30 days’ worth of data and information you can utilize to decide on maintaining certain strategies, and to adjustment on those needed to help you align your daily tasks with your brand goals. It keeps you and your colleagues focused on what you need to be doing in spite of the many factors affecting your social media marketing statistics.

Identifying key performance indicators beforehand, and assessing these monthly are other important tasks that every social media marketer should add on their to-do list. The amount of data you gathered is sufficient enough to determine the performance of your brand and product in response to your social media marketing strategies. Determine if the number of interactions you are getting, including number of followers and impressions, is at par with the goals you have set for the month.

Another part of the complete to-do list for every social media marketer is assessing your team. Check if every part of your team has been performing and meeting the required goals set individually to impact the team and consequently the brand. Check each person’s performance and decide on their impact in the team. If upon assessment you see that there is a need to delegate tasks to additional personnel, you may make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible.

A monthly complete to-do list for every social media marketer also involves adjusting monthly brand goal. Keep in mind your overall brand goal when coming up with these to help you be consistent with your brand’s identity. If you were able to meet the current month’s goals or even exceed it, set a higher bar. If not, consider all points in your brand operations to find out what to improve for the next month.

#4 General Key Points

Having a clear set of company goals, and even a vision and mission is vital to your daily, weekly and monthly checklist as a social media marketer. These are what help give you direction to what you are supposed to accomplish for your brand, your offering, your team, your followers, your industry, and you as a marketer. This helps everybody stay focused even in the midst of challenges and trials. Though there are inevitable adjustments you have to make, you still have your eyes on the prize.

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A key point in the to-do list of every social media marketer is always keeping an eye on your competition. You can utilize social media tools designed specifically for that to understand the movements of the competition. It is a way of being updated with trends and developments in the industry. It is also vital in attracting followers to your own brand, as you find out which type of posts and content get the most number of engagements.

After-sales care is an essential part of your to-do list as your customers already have experienced your product or service. They have invested their money because they trust that it is worth the amount they are paying for. You owe it to them to make their experience as good as possible by providing prompt response to inquiries, complaints, and even positive feedback to help build your credibility and their trust in your brand.

Part of the complete to-do list for every social media marketer is also having fun with their work. Be as creative as possible in creating and delivering your content to capture the dynamic social media audience. There are numerous ways to deliver your message to your current and potential followers, and you can even combine several to make it more interesting. Your content should be presented in a way that is most likely to be shared to have the greatest marketing impact to your audience.

Wrapping it up

This complete to-do list for every social media marketer is a guide you can use to help you manage your marketing strategies. Remember that you have to have a clear strategy when it comes to your marketing: from a daily to a monthly basis. You can also modify management time frames depending on your management style.

Having a social media checklist will help you attain your goals in a systematic manner. It also creates a sense of order especially when external factors, especially user engagement, affect your overall performance. Devise a system that works for you to make sure you get the most out of the time and effort you put into your work.


  1. Harry says:

    I like the way you have laid out to-do lists in daily, weekly and monthly cadence. Social media marketing is all about interaction and engagement with customers, vendors, and all stakeholders. Keeping these lists helps ensure the tasks don’t fall through the crack.

    1. Gracielle says:

      Exactly and since everybody is in a constant state of hurry nowadays, it’s the most important thing to do if you want to stay on track.

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