8 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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8 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Using Pinterest for business is not a bad idea if you’re looking forward to targeting a niche audience. When it comes to Pinterest, the “niche audience” is mostly comprised of young adult women. However, the latest PEW statistics reveal that the numbers are up for the entire adult population, including men, compared to the previous year.

Pinterest, being one of the most widely used social networks for the past few years, is still one of the best and most effective platforms to drive sales, build a follower base, and create brand awareness. While making rookie mistakes as a user is not a problem, these mistakes could cost you customers and a reputation if you’re representing a business.

Here’s how to avoid some of the most common Pinterest marketing mistakes.

#1 Pinning without a description

Have you ever seen those pinners who are writing long descriptions about what’s in the picture and provide a link? There’s a reason why they try to utilize the given caption limit as much as possible! Since Pinterest is a visual engine, it requires keywords to drive traffic. It is extremely important that you carefully craft in relevant keywords to make sure prospective customers land on your pins and are encouraged to explore it even further.

#2 Forgetting to Engage

If you’re just coming up with beautiful visuals to share and relevant links to lead your customers to your website without actually engaging with your prospects, you’re missing the point. The whole idea behind a social network is to be social. Like, comment, share and make an effort to interact with other pinners, especially the ones that promote your pins.

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#3 Not Pinning Consistently

Like with all other marketing efforts over the web, consistency is the key to success. We’re not talking about frequency here (although frequency can be important as well). We’re talking about consistency as a means to make your pins and boards predictable and revisit-able. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to pin twice a day. You can use automation tools to ensure that the pinning is done regularly and consistently.

#4 Pinning your products only

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen even the best of companies making is having their business pages, boards, and pins all about their products. This is a surefire way to bore your existing followers and drive away any prospects. Social media marketing is about social engagement and being a little personal. It’s okay to add a professional touch to your pins and posts, but doing this in a manner that makes you look salesy and profit-oriented is a major misstep. Instead, make your pins about your followers and how they can benefit from or emotionally identify with what you’re offering.

#5 Forgetting what customers love

What do customers love? Discounts, sales, promotions, and free stuff! Apparently, this type of content is highly promoted and hardly fails to entice followers. A lot of people use this method to engage followers and prospects on social media, and it can easily be done on Pinterest as well. For example, you could put up a retina-ready picture of what they could win and caption in how they can “pin to win” or enter a contest simply by commenting on the picture. There are so many ways you can get creative with this! Pinners will attract more pinners and before you know it, you’ll have followers of followers following you (I hope you followed that)!

#6 Not Captioning a link back

This should be a no-brainer, but too many rookies make this mistake as well. Your Pinterest business page is there to promote your business and create awareness, but it’s also there to link your customers to where they can find and buy your products. If you’re not giving them an easy link to find what you’ve been promoting, you’re missing the point. Pinterest allows pinners to easily add in a link, so make sure you utilize this feature and include a link back to your website or a landing page – every time!

#7 Not Cleaning Up Old Stock

Many businesses, including top-notch organization often forget to pay attention to this particular mistake. Since Pinterest’s format makes it really easy to view old pins (unlike Facebook or Twitter) it’s hard to see whether something is available or not. If a prospect opens up an old pin only to find that it’s out of stock, it can be quite annoying. Make sure you clean up old content every once in a while and ensure that your boards are fresh and accurate.

#8 Posting Boring Stuff

posting boring stuff
Nobody likes boring stuff on Pinterest and in case you haven’t already noticed, only the “hot stuff” gets liked or followed. The popularity of this network, along with the increasing number of pinners, has made it tough for businesses to compete with the general population of pinners. In order to stand out, your pins need to be nothing less than fantastic. Considering that Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, it’s important to focus on the quality and attractiveness of your photos. Use the pinning an image option with care, for it could mean the difference your products being promoted or purchased and your products being pooh-poohed!

There you go! You know now what elements hinder your marketing campaign on Pinterest. Before starting any campaign or, in fact, implementing any strategy, it is important that you must do an in-depth analysis of the strategy to see where you might lack, fall or improve. The best way to do that is learning from the mistakes of others and making sure that you don’t make those terrible blunders.

With that in mind, etch the aforementioned blunders in your memory and I must say that you should find more analysis online and then build a strategy that is not just error-free but also result oriented.

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