7 Habits of Veteran Social Media Marketers

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7 Habits of Veteran Social Media Marketers

What do these veteran social media marketers do, that makes them successful in their industry?

Is it just a mere positivity in their attitudes?

What sets them apart from the wannabes and the newbies?

Well, these veteran social media marketers are doing something consistent which may be unnoticeable for them, but noticeable from a third party point of view.

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Firstly, let us tackle what we mean by social media marketers. They are the ones who know how to create a website content that can help boost your online presence and then maximize the use of social media for added target audience reached and more revenue for your products, services or business in general.

And when we say veteran social media marketers, we refer to the ones who have years of experience in creating website content, failed several times in generating website traffic, used a lot of SEO tools and yet manage to get up and succeed in this industry.

Are these social media marketers unique?

Or perhaps they have similar qualities that they may have developed over time?

Let’s take a look at 7 habits of veteran social media marketers and discover the qualities they have which might be lying dormant within us and perhaps unleash our potentials.

#1 They Know What they Want

they know what they want

Not all people are able to achieve their goals. Some don’t even have one. Some people say that knowing what you want to achieve is already half the battle. But these veteran social media marketers have a clear set of priorities. They know what they want and they set their minds to achieving those goals.

Some are organized with their goal settings, and some may seem unorganized and multi-task a lot, but they always have a plan on how to get there. They have a strategy on how to achieve their objectives which make them able to penetrate or go around any obstacle in their way.

They are focused on how to reach their target and if in any case their minds would stray, they know how to get back in the saddle so to speak. It is as if their purpose is their passion. Nothing or no one can ever stop them in achieving what they want.

The paths these social media marketers make may not be as straight as an arrow, but, at least, they know where they are headed. They always see clearly as to what is ahead of them.

#2 They are Good Communicators

they are good communicator

If you’re a social media marketer, you would encounter thousands of ideas and people. You would learn about a lot of social media tools and how to use them. But with all these running around in your head, a social media marketer is able to communicate what is in their minds.

They can express their ideas and turn them into something real. They can express what they want, how they want it and the means to get there. It is like having “people skills” but in the case of our veteran social media marketers, they have “data skills”.

What they are thinking, will definitely show in the works that they do. Just like what Hiro Hamada said in the animated movie Big Hero 6; “The only limit is your imagination”. But these social media marketers, they can express their imagination and turn it into something digital.

#3 They Never Stop Learning

never stop learning

Veteran social media marketers have this unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They want to learn more. And even if they know something already, they will want to expand their knowledge about it. It is like they have unlimited curiosity within them, and the only way to get rid of those curiosity cravings is by learning more and more.

There are so many social media platforms out there and these experienced marketers continue to learn about each and every new platform. They want to know how to use them, and how to maximize the potentials of these social media networks. They not only want to know how to work it but how to make it work for them.

They know what is important, and they are able to distinguish which knowledge they can use, improve or discard. But even the discarded ones are just placed at the back of their minds for future reference and added experience.

They also want to learn how to use each data they can gather. Veteran marketers will read this data and interpret them. They want to learn how their choices affect the outcome, and perhaps how to improve each outcome for the better. Every day and every minute is a chance to learn something new.

#4 They Help Others Succeed

Veteran social media marketers don’t have a greedy bone in their body. They are only greedy when it comes to learning. They want to learn all, but they are willing to share what they know with others. They give free mentoring sometimes. Or perhaps share a downloadable book or two.

They tend to share their resources as well to others who seek for their help. They are quick to lend a helping hand to anyone who reaches out to them. They share what they have learned thru years of experience. They share ideas to those who lack, and they can form a new bond with those they have helped.

In helping others succeed, you are building real connections. You connect not only on a social media level but also as human beings. The most experienced of social media marketers have a genuine desire to help others succeed and they do their best to care for others in need.

#5 They are Able to Adapt

able to adapt

Some people do not work well under pressure. But experienced social media marketers have been in the business for quite some time and are pretty knowledgeable as to what social media changes they have encountered. They are not easily fazed with any changes in the business, in fact, they adapt to it.

Just like a chameleon adjusting to the colors of its environment, a veteran marketer would make use of what is available, and make it work for the industry. They would adapt to the changes thrown at them instead of sulking in a corner and complain about the changes.

For example, Google changes its algorithm several times a year. So does Facebook, or Twitter. But when you have the experience and patience of am veteran social media marketer, you just find ways around it and start looking for a new strategy that would work.

#6 They are Bold

they are bold

They are not afraid to take any kind of risk. They do now cower with fear every time a challenge presented itself. They would continue to move forward and meet each risk head on. If the road ahead of them seems bleak and or rough, they will persevere and accept the challenge no matter the risks.

They speak their minds and they don’t get easily bothered when haters present themselves. They take it as a learning opportunity to help them grow even more mature in the social media world. They engage themselves in controversial topics without being too offending.

They encourage their target audience to do the same. These social media marketers are bound to encourage their followers to speak their mind and share bold ideas. They prefer to surround themselves with people whom they find more intellectually stimulating than spending time with those who would just say yes all the time.

#7 Not an Egghead

Have you noticed egghead profiles in Twitter? Those would never belong to a veteran social media marketer. They always show their faces because their product is themselves. They need to be believable. Who would believe someone hiding behind avatars and fake profiles?

These social media marketers have an image to protect and project. They bring themselves to each and every post they represent. If you have a face on your profile, people are more likely to connect with you.

Continuously interact with everybody. Don’t hide behind fake profiles and don’t lead your fans to believe that you are somebody you are not. Don’t troll. Only those with evil intentions will transform into a troll.

Wrapping it Up

There are 7 habits of veteran social media marketers that you could possess or develop. 1st is to have a clear definition of what you want. Visualize the goal and be sure to plan ahead.  Always do a follow-up.  Never stop at the first try, and if you are successful, continue to help others. Open the lines for communication and continue to express them freely.

Never stop learning and always share your knowledge. A veteran social media marketer’s success is not measure by money, clients or network. It is measured by the number of people they have helped succeed as well. Be bold. Speak your mind out and always present a genuine you.

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