5 Twitter Hashtag Strategies to Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

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“Twitter hashtag” is one of the most powerful tools to promote any idea. However, it is no longer associated only with Twitter as many other social media platforms now have trending hashtag features too. Today, hashtags are even used in actual billboards and commercials.

The usage of hashtags nowadays is a norm but some companies or marketing firms still give it a miss, while some end up using it inappropriately that eventually backfires.

This is because the hashtags haven’t really been utilized in their true sense, particularly when it comes to strategic marketing or running any other kinds of marketing campaigns.

Without further ado, let’s find out some of the best Twitter hashtag strategies that can trigger the success of your marketing campaign on this popular platform. Here they are:

#1 Trending Hashtags

When a large number of tweets contain a particular hashtag, it starts trending. Obviously, if the hashtag includes your brand name, you are in for a whole lot of free advertising and publicity!

Twitter displays its trending hashtags on a sidebar, while other platforms may put it in any other place. Regardless, you can be sure that trending hashtags are sure to catch the eye of millions of users a day.

A hashtag trend can last for a few seconds or months, depending on the number of engagements. So if you see a trending topic that is related to your brand, you need to create a post that contrives to the keywords of your brand. In this way, you will be able to reach a circle much wider than your followers.

#2. Who’s at the Top?

Update yourself on the people that attract the most attention on social media, especially those that have some connection with your brand. Is there a celebrity who can influence your potential buyers? We call them “Influencers” in the language of the Twitterati. Finding ‘influencers’ can really spur your advertising, and hence your growth.

However, this doesn’t mean that you start sucking up to the people with the most followers. Rather, it implies that you get engaged with people that have the most influence on their followers.

For example, you can try sending some free samples to a local charity and thereby get a hashtag thanking your brand on Twitter. This would be mutually beneficial for both parties.

#3 How To Find Trending Hashtags?

Bluenod and Hashtagify are both amazing online tools that can show what the trending hashtags are at any given moment. You can search according to subject to find out what the hashtags relating to your company, brand or product are. Additionally, you can also use these tools to find out who your hashtag influencers might be.

Some of these online hashtag-finding tools may have a nominal fee, but it is well worth it because the findings can take your business or your social issues to new heights!

Not only this, but you also create your own company hashtag that is unique, short and interesting. The usage of specific keywords, lengths or locations can thus be used for your own benefit.

#4 Engage With Your Leads Through Twitter Chats

In order to get a hashtag trending, you could join, or host a Twitter chat. These could include Twitter users that are connected in some way or form to whatever you want to advertise or campaign about.

Every tweet about this chat, whether it’s a Q&A session or a consumer survey for a product, would be accompanied by your brand’s hashtag. This would largely increase the number of people who recognize your hashtag, reply or retweet the post or make it a favorite.

Tweet Reports can be used for looking up chats and hashtags relevant to your promotional interests. You can also find out about topics, issues, problems, demands of the consumers and their scheduled chats, and then use them for your own benefit.

#5 The Need to Constantly Tweet

As shown in the recent sitcom “Younger”, every company, project or business needs tweets to engage with a certain age group, particularly the group that has the right buying power.

Whether it’s a company party or the launch of a newly published book, the people who are advertising it needs to be on top of their Twitter game.

The tweets need to be sent out constantly to keep people aware that the events matters, even if they are not attending it. When people see others tweeting about a particular thing, they will want to jump in, thereby increasing tweets exponentially.

If nothing else, they would tweet to see their text appear on a wall for everyone to see.

Staff members could also be encouraged to tweet about how fun the event is, or to give a warning to attendees that a presentation is starting. Tweets may even be used for supermarkets and other stores to notify their customers of an upcoming sale or discount. The event or name of the store could then be used as a hashtag.

For social media walls and online networking tools, companies like TINT have been set up, so that the required equipment does not have to be separately bought.

#6 Be Careful Not to Over-Use

It seems to be straightforward: the more hashtags, the more trends you are likely to cash in on. However, most Twitter users would be turned off by the sight of too many hashtags, especially on a post that is also advertising a product.

In fact, this is one strategy that could actually backfire and ruin a company’s good name. Also be aware of what your hashtag could imply when it is read in different combinations, as hashtags don’t have spaces.
For example, the hashtag #nowthatcherisdead was about the death of Margaret Thatcher, but it could also be read announcing the death of the celebrity Cher.

Finally, hashtags should be kept short and to the point. If they reflect social issues that your audience might be concerned about, that’s even better. Twitter has a 140 character limit, so the longer hashtags would be more difficult to trend since users would then have less space to write their own input.

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