5 More Hidden Mass Planner Features to help with your Facebook Marketing

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5 More Hidden Mass Planner Features to help with your Facebook Marketing
When I wrote the first article in this series – 5 Lesser Known Mass Planner Features to Use for Your Facebook Account – I did plan to write a couple more but I didn’t have an exact date for the other articles. We had a lot of great reactions following our newsletter, though. Many messages about how many of you didn’t know about one feature or another and also a lot of great ideas for future features to talk about.

So I’ve decided to speed things along with the next one and here it goes – 5 more hidden Mass Planner features to help you in your Facebook Marketing efforts. Since all the Facebook features did so well last time we’ll continue with Facebook for this article and talk about other platforms in the following ones.

Here’s what I have prepared for you in this article:

  1. How to send messages to other Facebook pages and increase your own Page’s reach
  2. How to comment on and like other Facebook pages’ posts easily
  3. Wishing Happy Birthday to all your friends
  4. Change your Facebook profile or page’s cover photo, URL and description
  5. How to automatically cancel pending group join requests

#1 How to send messages to other Facebook pages and increase your own Page’s reach

This is a tactic employed by many, even if you didn’t know about it. If you manage a Facebook page you probably receive messages from time to time asking you to share a post from someone else on your page or do a posting exchange – you post something for someone in a related niche and they post something for you. This kind of exchange usually helps both pages grow and receive more organic likes.

If the niches are related this means that you won’t be a direct competitor so you won’t steal someone else’s clients and he won’t steal yours, you just help each other grow and reach more potential clients. So why be a passive partner in this and wait for others to contact you when you can contact the exact pages that you want to do this kind of trade with?

So let’s get more into how you can do this. First of all, you will need to use two separate tools. You will first search for the pages you want to send messages to with the Page Finder tool. After that, you will use the Contact Tool to send the messages (the Contact Tool is an extra module so you might need to get it separately if you have the standard plan and don’t have it already).

First things first, you should go to Tools – click on the Facebook account you want to use for this – in the Finder tab find the sub-tab entitled Page Finder. Now we search for Facebook pages that are in our niche. We’ll then send messages to these pages and see if they want to enter a reciprocal help deal. Here’s how the Page Finder tool looks like:

finding facebook pages to send comments to

As you can see, you’ll need to enter the keywords for which you want to find Facebook pages, enter as many as you want, comma separated. You can also enter negative keywords to make sure you skip pages that are false positives for your niche. You can find pages with a certain amount of likes, that either have fewer than a given number of likes, or more than a given number or likes. It’s important here to be realistic. If your page has 5.000 likes, no page with 100.000 likes will make a post exchange with you ( at least not for free, maybe if you want to pay them). So search for pages that are as big or a little bigger than you to have a chance of them replying.

After you have everything set up just start the tool and it will find those pages for you. Once you have the list go over it quickly to make sure all pages that it found are related. Select the ones that you want to send messages to. Once you have all the Pages selected, click on “Send selected to Contact Members”. Now, go to the Contact Tool, in the Use Members sub-tab you will see all the pages that you found and sent here.

how to send messages to other facebook pages with mass planner

As you can see, the pages that I sent are in the list above, you can have as many pages there( they are marked as pages in the group name column). Now select all pages, skip option A, send friend request as you can’t do that with a page and go to option B Send Message. Enter your message in the provided field. You can use tokens as explained on that page in order to make the message sound more friendly and personal. When you’re done click the Send button below and all these pages along with the message will be sent to the Contact Tool, Send Messages sub-tab. From here select your options as to how fast to send all these messages and click start.

Mass Planner will start sending the message that you wrote to all these pages, you now wait and see who replies and start doing post exchanges with them.


  • any action on Facebook that you do too many times can get you in trouble so don’t try sending hundreds of messages from day 1, start slow and grow from there.
  • it’s highly advisable to use spin syntax for your messages so they are as different as possible
  • you can send messages with other things as well, post trading is just an idea, use your imagination

#2 How to comment on and like other Facebook pages’ posts easily

This is another nice tactic to grow your Facebook page even faster. Basically, the idea is to leave your footprints all over pages in the same niche so other people notice you and come and visit your page and like it.

We’ll do the same as above in the first part where you find Pages in your niche. Now we don’t care if they have the same number of likes as your page though, the more likes the better as more people will notice you. So go ahead and find the top 100 pages in your niche or related to your niche. After you have them in the Page Finder results table, select them and click on “Send selected to Facebook Comments & Like” ( the comments and likes tool is an extra module, so if you have the Standard edition you will need to get it separately).

After you send the pages, go to the Comment&Like tool, click the Sources sub-tab and enable the first source “Comment/Like posts from Facebook Pages” and you should see listed here all the pages that you’ve previously found. Here’s how it should look:

commenting and liking on facebook posts from other pages

There is not much you need to do here. You can see the list of Fb pages you’ve sent here. You can now set it so all comments and likes that are made look like they are coming from your page if you select your page in the drop down list below where it says “Set page for all elements” and click Set Page. If you have multiple pages that you want to do this for you can select several of your pages for different pages where the comments and likes go. If you don’t do this all the likes and comments will be made with your own profile and not as one of your pages.

Now that you have the pages where you will be commenting and liking, head over to the Settings sub-tab in the Comment&Like Tool. Set it up to your liking, add some keywords for which to find posts on which to comment and add likes and start the tool. It will start commenting and adding likes to posts found on the pages that you’ve added. People will see those coming from your page and will want to interact with it.

If you’re not sure about the setting for the Comment&Like Tool, you can read this tutorial.


  • make your comments as unique as possible using spinned text
  • make your comments look good, they should make sense and be as general as possible to apply to all sorts of posts, combine text, emoticons and other symbols
  • you can also like the pages that you add to this list, not just posts on those pages if you select the “Also like the source pages when visiting them” on the Settings sub-tab.
  • as with everything don’t over-do it!

#3 Wishing Happy Birthday to all your friends

This is a newly introduced feature, many of you probably didn’t notice it yet. You might wonder, what does this do? I only have a few friends and I can tell them happy birthday on my own easily. You are right, and if you have under a couple hundred friends you can probably do this manually with no effort. However, there are many that have close to the limit of 5000 Facebook friends. Not only that, you might also have several accounts. In this case doing this manually might prove to be a full-time job.

We have the save for you, make all those friends you have feel that you care and they will be a lot more receptive the next time you ask them to like a page or share a post! It’s easy and it costs you nothing. Just go to the Birthday Tool, enter the text that you want to send, make sure to also use the provided tokens, set when you want it to execute and on which days of the week and start it.

automatically wishing happy birthday to your facebook friends

Take your time and create a nicely spinned message, what you see in the example above is just a simple one, done in under 1 minute. You can create a bigger and better one that will ensure that most of your 5000 friends get a nice and unique birthday message. This way you won’t leave any footprints and you account will look really good. Even if it takes 20 minutes to create a great one, you only have to do it once!

#4 Change your Facebook profile or page’s cover photo, URL and description

Here’s one I think most of you never considered. Keeping your accounts and pages fresh and interesting not only though constant posts but also through their looks. The cover photo is the first thing your visitors see when they check your page or wall. Even if you post interesting things, they will eventually get used to your cover photo and stop noticing it and other elements of your page since it always looks the same.

By changing your cover photo, you make your regular visitors re-check everything on your page as they will want to see what changed along with the cover photo. They will again notice your link, your call to action, even read your latest posts more attentive. Always keep things fresh and different and you will have visitors that constantly interact with your page, re-discover it and are more interactive!

Just think about it… Everyone wants to create the “perfect cover” for their Facebook page and set it for life and, of course, people get bored of seeing it, no matter how perfect it is. And you’re getting it wrong here, it doesn’t have to be perfect at all, it just needs to be something new so it grabs their attention again and again.

Now that I hopefully got your interest in trying this, let’s see how it works. You just go to the “Page/Profile Cover Photo” tool and on the left you will see a table with your wall and all the pages you have. You click on the one you want to change the cover photo for, and on the right, you select “Change cover photo for this page”. Now you will add timers and images that will be used as you cover photo.

You can do this manually as well, of course, however, if you use this tool you can set exact dates in advance for the cover photo change, for example you can set one cover photo for Christmas, another one for New Year and another one for 1st of February, and do it all today. Or you can simply set a timer to change you cover photo every week and give it 20 images that it will randomly use as your cover photo.

Along with your cover photo, you can also change your description and website URL, so given our Christmas, New Year and 1st of February example above, you might want to write a different description each time and maybe promote a different product from your site. You have many options here and you can use it as a promotional tool constantly refreshing your page.

Let’s take a look at this tool in Mass Planner:

automatically changing facebook page cover photo

As you can see, I’ve selected one of my pages, I’ve clicked on Add New Timer and all the options for the new timer showed up. You can set it to repeat from time to time, you can delete the current image before uploading the new one and you can choose images at random (when you upload multiple images) instead of taking them one after the other. You can also upload as many images as you want at the same time, you can edit your description and URL.

Add one timer and set it to reapeat if you want just to change the image, or add several timers at exact dates if you want one change for the cover photo for each timer. Don’t forget to also start the tool when you’re done setting it.

Unlike with all the other tools, I don’t think you can over-do it with this one, so happy cover photo changing everyone!

#5 How to automatically cancel pending group join requests

Our last one for this article is a newly added feature (we’ll release it today), from now on you’ll be able to cancel pending group join requests. Those of you that join a lot of groups might have noticed that a good portion of those groups is dead, inactive or really slow to approve new members. Facebook will of course notice if you have hundreds of group join pending request so in order to keep you safe we’ve added this new feature.

It’s extremely simple to use, you’ll only need to set after how many days after sending the join request you want to cancel it. This will help you two ways, the one I just said above, Facebook won’t see you waiting to join a lot of groups ( most of the time waiting in vain as it will never happen) and on the other hand you’ll also be able to ask to join again at a later date. When you send a join request the admin sees a notification, maybe he will notice the second one and approve you in his group.

cancelling group join request in facebook groups automatically

As you see, it’s an option in the Joiner Tool, you just enable it and set after how many days of not being accepted you want to cancel the request. It’s that simple!

Wrapping it up

Hope you liked our 5 lesser known Mass Planner features of the week. I am sure that they will help you a lot if you start implementing them, especially since most of them are set and forget. Try it and see how it goes! As always, if you have anything to add or want me to write about a specific topic feel free to leave a comment.

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