5 Instagram Tools for Marketers

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5 Instagram Tools for Marketers

Instagram tools for marketers will help you make the most of your Instagram efforts. Each follower you have is a business opportunity you should take advantage of. With carefully selected Instagram tools you will be able to create more attractive posts, to schedule your posts for better engagement, monitor your analytics, and sell more of what your business has to offer. Using these tools correctly and strategically, you will be able to convert your followers to customers.

There are several Instagram tools for marketers available online. How do you know which one is appropriate for your business? See our 5 suggestion to help you decide.

#1 Scheduling and Automation Tool: Mass Planner

schedule instagram video massplanner
Scheduling tools are Instagram tools for marketers to help them post their content at peak times to reach their target audience more effectively. Peak times depend on the type of industry, time zone, and audience you intend to make an impact to.  Engagement rates are higher when your posts are scheduled at peak times. Due to the increasing number of scheduling tools available online, developers have expanded their service to other facets of social media marketing as well.

With Mass Planner’s Instagram Poster you can not only schedule your content for automatic posting at the optimal times but also, boost your Instagram growth using the wide range of growth-hacking tools. You can find your target audience using extensive filters and engage with them by liking and commenting to their posts.

You can automate your Instagram marketing in just 10 minutes, add more content to your profile using the Repost tool and get more followers with the Instagram Tools. All these with Mass Planner.

These Instagram tools for marketers gives you the convenience of posting your content as scheduled, instead of reminding you to be on your phone at specific times for posting. You can upload images and videos from your phone or computer, or any other device, if you use the Monitor Folder feature where you set up a Dropbox folder with your images and Mass Planner will automatically exact the newly added photos and post them.

If you have several Instagram accounts, Mass Planner can help you manage all of them. You can avail of the free 5-day trial period. Should you choose to continue with the service, subscriptions start at only $16.95 per month.

#2 Analytical Tool: Union Metrics

Union Metrics

Social media analytical tools are vital Instagram tools for marketers as well. These help you keep track of important statistics to know and understand general engagement activity in your account. It also helps you decide what to maintain and improve on your account in the future.

Union Metrics is an example of an Instagram tool for marketers to help you examine the numbers behind your posts. This is an initiative by Hayes Davis and Jenn Deering Davis in 2009 in Austin, Texas. They were curious about the number of people were reached by a Twitter topic. Soon, they realized the demand for a broader and more in-depth analysis of social media metrics in other social media platforms, including Instagram.

This free analytics Instagram tool for marketers can give you results in 2 minutes. Its free analytics check-up will analyze the last 30 days of activity of your account to give you data to help you learn about your activity. It presents your statistics via graphs, charts, and easy to understand statistical results.

This tool will help you learn what time it is best to post your content to get the highest engagement rate possible. It also aids you to understand which images and videos create impact with your followers, so you know what to avoid and do better next time. It also gives you data which interacts with your account for you to know who are loyal to your brand. This also shows which hashtags get a lot of engagement to make you more popular with potential followers and customers.

#3 Selling Tool: Shopseen


Choosing a selling Instagram tool for marketers is critical since you can’t include links on each of your posts, unlike in other social media platforms. A lot of apps and website developers have seen this need and addressed it by creating ways to cleverly work around this marketing limitation.

Shopseen is an Instagram tool for marketers to help them directly with sales of products and services. Adeel built this tool to help manage a vintage retail and art space called Vacation. He opened this in 2012 with Kristin Klein in San Francisco. The software is a more convenient way of uploading products, getting the listed, promoting, and shipping to customers.

This Instagram tool for marketers is suited for those who have virtual storefronts in various places. By having a storefront through your Instagram profile link, this could then be linked to store on Woo, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy. This makes monitoring and managing of your inventory and sales easier.

Upload images and put prices in the caption so that followers can purchase the item from their mobile device: this is also another feature of this Instagram tool for marketers. This will sync products you promote on other stores. Promoting them on your other social media platforms is also easy since when your visitor clicks the link to purchase, all the product details can be viewed already. You can schedule your posts in your other social media platforms as well for better product management.

Mobility is also a great feature of this tool as they are the first multichannel application for merchants to manage anytime, anywhere. You can adjust your inventory, fill orders, and contact your customers from your mobile device. You can also see updates on the available quantity on all your stores to avoid over-selling. As after-sales service, you can create HTML emails to previous customers and send campaigns through this tool as well.

#4 Search Tool: Gramfeed

Gram Feed

Having an Instagram tool for marketers which helps search by location is also handy. There are numerous free tools that search posts via user and hashtag. However, only a few offer you the opportunity to search posts by location.

Gramfeed is a great tool for marketers to allow them to search by location, among other features this tool has to offer. It allows searching and enables one to find photos which are geotagged. It also gets real-time user posts from any location on the map. You can also set any search radius on the map, and get more precise results.

This Instagram tool for marketers also filters photos at any location at any date or time range. You can also visualize hashtag posts on the map. You can back-track to any specified time range for hashtag searches. You can also view posts at any Instagram registered location, search locations that have Instagram posts, manage posts tagged to your location, get a Google street view of the location, and filter posts by data or time range for specified locations.

Given all these features in Gramfeed, how will this help your business?  You can filter and manage posts with hashtag campaigns for your specified time range to analyze trends. If you are hosting an event, you get to see how many people are actively engaging with your other related marketing promotions. This also helps you search for related businesses within your industry you can get ideas from.

#5 Hashtag Management Tool: Tagboard


A tool for managing and organizing hashtags is also a vital Instagram tool for marketers. Hashtags are one of the most popular trends of this generation, an effective marketing tool for promoting various brands and causes. It goes on a global scale, reaching those beyond your sphere of direct interest. Hashtags also improve your branding, and exposure for your posts

Tagboard is an Instagram tool for marketers to help manage and organize hashtags. Upon your request, you can get a demonstration of the numerous features they offer. Each tagboard contains social media posts with the same hashtag, as the tool also allows you to display hashtag posts in all major social media networks in one embedded view. You can also block content to automatically remove or promote posts.

This Instagram tool for marketers also allows you to engage from your tagboard. Selecting posts to feature without worrying about unwanted content. This is also centralized for multiple, simultaneous displays for your easy access. You can also extend the impact to your audience through integrated social displays on Tagboard Live.

Businesses can greatly benefit from this marketing tool. You can quickly display your brand conversation in real time. You can create your social community with a simple embed code to feature brand conversations or highlight your products or services. You can also notify users what they have been featured, and send auto replies or create personalized messages for them.

Wrapping it up

With all the Instagram tools for marketers we have presented, it goes without saying that your images and videos should be of the best quality. Getting the attention of the millions of users through your beautiful and content-rich post will get them engaged with your post, account, and business. Remember that your followers are business opportunities that you have to study carefully to know what approach is best to make your offering worth availing.



  1. Fan says:

    Good article, thanks for sharing! Very useful.

  2. Kevin Shepard says:

    It surely is a great article. But some extras are never redundant, are they? I’d suggest you to try a few more tools: Zengram – a great automation, targeting features, web-based posting and other nice things; Fast-unfollow – if you’re sick of people you’re following, there’s no way to get rid of them faster; Iconosquare – using it along with Union Metrics can be fruitful. Hopefully it’s useful:)

    1. Gracielle says:

      Yes, I know about most of these, I’ve only listed the best though, it’s true there are multiple tools doing the same thing but they aren’t all as good 😉

  3. Benjamin Uhlmann says:

    Good article! But better use influencerdb instead of Union Metrics (better metrics)

    1. Gracielle says:

      Says you because you’re working with them. A better course of action would have been to introduce it to us and tell more about its features, what you wrote looks more like spam than a well though comment.

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