5 Most Engaging Types of Twitter Posts

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5 Most Engaging Types of Twitter Posts (2)

Twitter posts are undeniably a popular source of information in this day and age. It can spark influence and impact to followers, with content interesting and/or relevant to the one who comes across it. Though it does create a buzz to certain demographics, does it automatically equate to a higher user engagement?

As a social media tool, Twitter enables people to reply, retweet, and favor Twitter posts. It is essential that all of us, either we make a living out of Twitter or not, have ideas on what Twitter posts gather most types of engagement. (It’s great to learn something new every day, right?)

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We took the time to help you guys out and did some research on engagement on Twitter posts. If you want to put these information to your advantage, we give you our top 5. Some of these things are probably what you have been doing already, so you may just need to amplify a bit. Some of which you may want to try out to give your account a boost.

#1 Posts with Photos

post with pictures

According to a research made by Twitter on Tweet’s engagement, retweets are increased by 35% when images are included in Twitter posts. A similar result was also analyzed by Sotrender after conducting a study on the 500 most followed brand profiles on Twitter. Posts with a pic.twitter.com link and photo had 141% more retweets and 165% more likes. The photo preview feature in the timeline for Twitter posts with photos from pic.Twitter.com has contributed a lot to the engagement of an account’s followers.

Given the facts, it’s more convincing now to have an image uploaded in your next Twitter post. Aside from a good image quality and its adherence to guidelines, we also included some post-worthy tips before our excitement takes over our goal of increasing engagement with our followers, and potential followers. Better to be wise than wasted!

Tagging even up to 10 people in a photo (it doesn’t affect the 140-character count on the Twitter post) makes sharing and favoring more likely. The direct approach to those who are tagged increases their sense of value as they are included in your personal account’s post. For those who are not tagged, it creates a sense of intrigue and interest to your post, and consequently to those who are tagged. A touch of personalization comes a long way in Twitter posts.

Another helpful tip in Twitter posts is posting “Caption This” photos. People are thrilled that they are solicited for their idea on your post. As sharing of ideas ensue, others go the extra mile to think of more witty, and sometimes funnier ideas to caption your photo. This would also help you in future photos you will be posting, as you have a better idea of the type of people who take time to engage in your account.

#2 Posts with Hashtags

twitter hashtag

Hashtags were originally seen in Twitter posts, which now have also dominated other social media platforms. This is quite enough evidence to say that since its first social media usage as hyperlink in 2009, it is one of the most effective ingredients for account engagement. Hashtags have been proven to help increase followers, acquire related information, and with proper management, improvement of reputation. Now here are tips you can consider for your upcoming hashtags:

Twitter posts with concise hashtags are at best because they are straight to the point. Given the limited character count, it is essential that it is easy to read and would allow marketers to incorporate it to various marketing channels. It also enables your followers to share it easier on their accounts.

A conversational hashtag is also effective on your Twitter post. That hashtag may introduce a conversation or become the point of topic. This highly engaging strategy not only will make your hashtag interactive in the social media sphere, but also will go viral through word of mouth.

The uniqueness of the hashtag makes your Twitter post stand out. While it may be comfortable to use a popular hashtag, it might get caught up with the numerous existing conversations. The momentum you will be starting is exciting since it is fresh and appealing to the public.

#3 Posts Asking for Retweets

twitter retweet

According to a study on strategies for effective Tweeting, Twitter posts asking for retweets receive 12 times higher Retweet rates. The call for action enables people to be involved and be one with your marketing promotion. The consumer is able to make themselves part of the brand itself.

Make sure that the Twitter post spells out the request in the most effective manner. Place the word “Retweet,” or “RT” for a shortened version, followed by the content of the post you want to go viral. Use “RT” only if your content is lengthy, otherwise “Retweet” is the better option.

It may be tempting, but avoid asking for retweets constantly in your Twitter posts. Some people think that the constant requesting is annoying, and could result to loss of followers. It also may come off as too desperate, which may lose the public’s confidence in you or your brand.

#4 Posts with External Links

external links

Links in your Twitter posts enable the reader to learn more about the topic you would like them to be interested in. This expansion of knowledge makes the people smarter consumers, and you as a smarter marketer. External information enhances your credibility, and the confidence of the people. When the source is reliable, people tend to place their trust more on you and what you want them to believe in.

Twitter posts with links are extremely helpful as a marketing tool. According to a study, over 36% of all brand posts contain links. Usually the post provides a teaser, and the full story is found on the link. As the user gets redirected, it enables the user to learn and understand more about your cause.

With all your intentions and passion laid out on your link, it is important that the link in your Twitter post works. Make sure that there is a space provided before the link to ensure it is always clickable. 92% of linking errors are attributed to a formatting error, so make sure that this simple task of putting a space is something you pay attention to.

#5 Posts with Quotes


Whenever your Twitter posts are quotable quotes, people are more likely drawn to retweet it. People like to feel related with each other: drawn together by a common thought, opinion, experience, or idea. Consciously or subconsciously, you are someone who understands, and they understand you as well.

Numerous websites offer quotes you can refer to on your Twitter posts. These contain thousands of sources which you can easily select depending on your chosen topic to share. Most people prefer to quotes made by influential personalities who inspire the most in those in their respective fields. By tweeting their quote, you may be able to find others who share the same interest in the said personality and/or in the field itself.

Retweeting quotes, especially from famous personalities, will also make your Twitter post more engaging. The personality’s followers are definitely giving a nod to your post, and if done more often makes you more appealing to the fanbase. It creates a wider scope of influence on your part, which is essential to a higher engagement on your posts.

You may also opt to share your own quotes in your Twitter posts. Scott Gainsburg and Malcom Levene are some of the people who have made a great Twitter influence through their inspirational quotes. They have already mastered how to spark an idea and share an interesting thought in about 140 characters. Who knows, you may be creating ripples of influence on your quotable quote.

Wrapping it up

Our enumeration of the 5 most engaging types of Twitter posts will hopefully enable you to help with your account engagement, and become a more engaged social media user as well. These are some types of posts that we commonly come across, but may have more knowledge now on how it can influence and be used as a channel for a more proactive social media experience. Using these to our advantage will also make us more empowered to learn more about our own causes, and how we can improve ourselves. Throughout the years Twitter has been part of the lives of people, directly or indirectly, the networking and connecting worldwide has been strengthened for various causes.

One underlying feature of all the aforementioned Twitter posts is its creative use of connectivity to communicate. We must remember that communication is making sure that what we want to make the people understand is also how they must understand it. The wise usage and management of your account, overall, must be in the greater picture. Twitter posts are your 140 character key to communicate your message to a world of opportunities, an everlasting impression on the users who are following you, and your potential followers.



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