5 Best Strategies to Use in Social Marketing

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5 Best Strategies to Use in Social Marketing

There is a lot of perception on how the best strategies to use in social marketing can be productive and serve as good marketing platforms. The main agenda however as a marketer or businessman like yourself should be to use the best strategies in social marketing to enhance your own brand’s strategy and to formulate tactics used to reach your brand’s goal.

The reality is that the best strategies to use in social marketing and companies that strategize with them have become more sophisticated. The competition continues to grow as more new brands start to understand how to use these strategies to best leverage the tools needed to build a larger audience.

However, we’re going to give you 5 of the best strategies to use in social marketing to better your engagement and interaction skills to leverage your brand’s foundation

#1 Make Your Game Plan and Stick to It: One of the best strategies to use in social marketing

game plan

When we talk about having an advanced social strategy as one of the best strategies to use in social marketing, it means coming up with a technique that employs more than a normal social media presence. It does the multiple tasks of presenting your audience with a powerful marketing message at the same time pushing them to view your brand’s business site. However, you can’t go about having an advanced strategy until you understand the importance of experiencing customer engagement and the basics of online marketing.

If you don’t have a strategy prepared, you can’t expect your content to stay afloat for long. It starts from the simplest things, like setting a limit to how many tweets you send out in a day or how many posts you make live on your Facebook page per week. These are things that seem to be easy to hit, but having a number or target you want to hit also means having a goal for your marketing.

Another thing that should be a part of your strategy would be to consider checking out your competitors, what they are posting and do some research on the amount of content they publish on each of their channels. It’s best to be active with your strategy, just be careful not to be overly active.

You should also include in your strategy a way for you to compile all of your content in an organized easy to read calendar. Set it up weekly, and share it with your co-workers within your personal content team so that they can provide feedback before you start publishing content. It’s always best to plan ahead, and just continue adding things when necessary. As this is one of the best strategies to use in social marketing, it also means you should take the time to look into different kinds of management platforms. This will help you schedule your posts and to help manage the monitoring of your different feeds and analytics.

#2 The Strategy of Multimedia Usage

multi media usage

Your audience now gives a whole new importance to the term “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Most consumers take the time now to look for products they’re interested in by searching the internet for pictures and videos. This is because they want more information on what they might consider investing or buying in. Technically, even for small time brands, this isn’t a hard practice to keep up with.

Another one of the best strategies to use in social marketing is to start taking more photos and videos of your products and special events as a way for you to help your brand highlight the brand’s best features. This helps to both convince consumers to buy from you and other companies to work with you. It is also a great way for the company to get some good ambiance in its HR department.

If your brand usually needs to explain the dos and don’ts or how-tos of its products, it would be best to prepare numerous videos. When you can show your audience step by step instructions, it provides them a bigger impact on the product than any written content you decide to post. The good thing is you don’t have to invest hundreds to create a good video. Get the company its own personal camcorder, and take easy not so techy videos to use for your marketing needs.

If you haven’t already noticed it, your multimedia usage helps determine your business-consumer sales flow and will help make your company seem more appealing to people. This is why the use of videos and photos is so widely appreciated, not only is it part of the list of best strategies to use in social marketing, but it shows consumers that your brand is: fun, employee friendly and most of all customer oriented.

#3: It’s All About the Customer Service You Provide

customer service

Your audience is everything, if they post something or make a comment on your tweet or Facebook page and never receive any sort of feedback from you, you’ll lose their trust. This can cause your potential consumers to turn to competitors for answers since you weren’t able to provide the necessary communication. However as one of the best strategies to use in social marketing, if you respond in a timely fashion with a thoughtful response, your audience will be satisfied with your brand. It’s a natural human practice to respond to give time for responding to inquiries and building authority.

Any sort of negative feedback should and needs to be addressed in an orderly manner and as soon as possible. You just have to remember to do with patience and respect. This is where you can go about assigning a responder for these kinds of feedback and monitor the channel it’s on. It will serve as an opportunity for you as a marketer to use your social channels to promote how well you treat your customers.

You can also take the time to create organized tables and troubleshooting libraries for common complaints that might arise. Take the initiative to make sure issues are addressed properly and on time. Some feedback might need more attention or might need you to discuss confidential information. It’s important to prepare yourself with email support and a help line in case that happens.

If you’re trying to pacify an unhappy consumer, part of being one of the best strategies to use in social marketing is to be creative. You can use giveaways and a pleasing personality to entertain these customers and possibly even turn them into brand promoters. Just remember to never ignore any sort of feedback on your social channels, each is critical to your brand’s marketing.

#4 Get Going With Interesting Contests and Discounts

enter to win

Forming a community and network around your brand is only a part of social marketing. You have to be able to know how to use this network in driving sales, promoting marketing and sourcing operations. This is how social media actually works and helps get your brand traffic. One of the best strategies to use in social marketing that will help excite your consumers is to brainstorm on creating a contest or offer special discounts. Not only does it build buzz, but it helps make certain content that you publish along with it go viral. Great contests should include the practice of sharing as a necessity for a consumer to win.

Discounts also provide a great way to connect with your audience. If you give special or exclusive coupons to those loyal consumers, you’ll be rewarding them. This gives them a sense of importance and reminds them your brand is great to engage with and buy from.

#5 Mishaps are Normal, Learn From Them


As humans, mistakes are normal and undeniably unavoidable, no matter how much we try to avoid them. This is an especially common thing when it comes to social media. The last of our best strategies to use in social marketing would be to embrace them, instead of fussing over them or worse ignoring them.

We don’t mean that if you miss a comma on a tweet, you have to go and announce the small flaw to the whole world or even worse go and delete it. Rather than let it slide, it’s most likely that your audience has already started to follow it and they’ll more likely to notice something is wrong if you have to go and re-post it after putting in that comma. If you just happen to make one of those larger scale mistakes like product errors or multiple credit charges, then do your best to respond to your consumers with apologetic feedback and humble manners.

You can also send out content on your channels apologizing and addressing any minor errors people might mention there. Instead of digging yourself a ditch, sometimes it’s best to just embrace the fact that you’ve made a mistake and make a comeback from it. You’re more than likely to have created awesome content and have provided great customer service majority of the time, and that earns respect.

Wrapping it up

The process of putting these strategies into action depends on you as a marketer. You have to put in the resources and allocate your time into making it worth with your brand. Most of the time inner constraints are the reason companies lose tactic and strategy, so getting your head in the game and focusing your attention on making it work with these strategies for social marketing will do you a lot of good.


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