4 Ways to Use Instagram for Business Promotion You Need To Know

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Instagram offers a lot more than a chance to share your party photos/selfies with the world. Since its launch in 2010, the visual social network has gotten over 500 million active monthly users who like 4.2 billion posts per day.

This is a huge audience that your business can rely on to grow and develop a reputable brand. Just like every other social network, however, Instagram comes with its marketing statistics. If you want to make the most of your Instagram presence, you’ll need to keep the following essentials in mind.

Here are the most effective ways to grow your business through Instagram and even acquire new customers:

Grow Your Base of Followers

No strategy is going to give you the desired results if you don’t have a sufficient number of followers. Before moving to something a bit more creative, you’ll have to focus on the numbers.

When it comes to building your following, both quality and quantity matter. You want to attract a big number of people but the crowd should be the right one. A targeted audience will be much more receptive to your message and willing to interact with the brand.

Growing the number of Instagram followers you have will be dependent on several approaches.

For a start, post consistently and upload pictures that the specific target audience will be interested in. If necessary, come up with a persona for your ideal follower. Having such characteristics will make it a whole lot easier to figure out what types of content to share.

The next thing you can do (just like in every other social channel) is to follow industry influencers. Interacting with some of the top players in the field will give you the exposure that your profile deserves and make it easier for people to find you.

Such virtual relationships can be beneficial in yet another way – collaborations. Getting a shoutout from a popular Instagram profile can quickly lead to a massive increase in followers. In order to accomplish the goal, however, you’ll have to reach out and offer influencers something valuable.

A final approach to the quick expansion of your popularity is holding contests and organizing games. People love getting something for free, even if the prize is a small one. You may want to come up with a game that will reach your exposure. Coming up with a specific hashtag or asking people to regram your images will help you increase the number of followers you have while also expanding the reach of your content.

Make Use of Hashtags

When it comes to Instagram promotion, there’s one tool you should be using religiously – hashtags.

Hashtags give you the perfect opportunity to reach the right people and create a targeted audience. The use of the right hashtags will help you reach the right prospects and potentially generate qualified leads.

The hashtags that you choose need to be relevant but also trending at the moment.

Spotting trends on Instagram will require a strategic approach and some research. Once you’ve identified the right hashtags for your business, you’ll also need to upload relevant content. And remember – it’s not just about growing your audience, it’s about finding people who are particularly interested in the niche. A generic audience will do very little when it comes to boosting engagement and giving you a chance to grow your business.

There’s one more thing you can do – create your own hashtag. As already mentioned, a game would be one of the best opportunities for growing the hashtag and getting it to trend. It should be clever, it should be relevant and easy to associate with your brand.

Interact with Your Audience (Sparingly)

Instagram is a highly engaging channel. Interacting with your audience is one of the keys to establishing an emotional connection and making them feel “attached” to the brand.

This means that apart from getting followers, you should also be following people, liking their content and even commenting on pictures.

Always take a few seconds per day to thank people who have commented on your content and to answer their questions. Social media provide a platform for informal communication with favorite brands and even celebrities. If you remain aloof, chances are that you’ll alienate potential customers.

One thing to remember when executing this strategy is that you should never overdo it. Flooding your followers with images and comments will force a big number to unfollow you. The quality of content and of the interactions is much more important than quantity. Observe reactions to different types of posts and Instagram initiatives. Focus on the types of content that people seem to be responding positively to. Don’t overdo it with promotional posts because you’ll quickly get to be perceived as a spammer.

Work with Popular Instagrammers

Instagram is a social channel that has its own celebrities. You can use their fame and status to grow your presence.

Chances are that you already follow some of these profiles and you’ve seen the sponsored images that such Instagrammers often upload. They endorse products or mention brands in a way that appears to be organic. As a result, their followers are likely to accept the recommendation and potentially give the brand a try.

Partnering up with a famous Instagrammer and turning that person in a brand ambassador is a wonderful opportunity for experiencing the full potential of Instagram promotion. In order to be successful, however, you’ll have to choose the right person, and you’ll also have to come up with a marketing approach that appears organic and appeals to the specific audience.

When coming up with such promotional opportunities, you should definitely benefit from the Instagram experience of such popular platform members. Instagram is a youthful social media and the approaches that work in other channels may not necessarily be effective there. Thus, the know-how of Instagram celebrities can definitely be beneficial and it can provide opportunities you’ve never considered in the past.

Instagram promotion can help you accomplish a lot and it can be tremendously cost-efficient. While you’ll be getting a high return on investment, however, it’s important to remember that a lot of hard work will be required. The quality of posts and the interactions with your followers will be equally important for growing your brand. Come up with a strategy, build a content update plan and follow those strictly. The more committed you are to executing the right approach, the better results you’re going to get.

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